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Selenium interview questions with answers scenario based

I) Selenium Fundamentals 1) What is Selenium? • Selenium is a Suite of Software tools to automate Web browsers. (Selenium automates Web Applications only, doesn’t automate Desktop Applications). • Selenium Supports various Operating environments. (MS Windows, Linux, Macintosh etc…) • Selenium suite of Tools mainly used for Functional and Regression Testing. 2) What…

What is Selenium Remote Control (RC)?

Selenium Remote Control (RC) was the main Selenium project that sustained for a long time before Selenium WebDriver(Selenium 2.0) came into existence. Now Selenium RC is hardly in use, as WebDriver offers more powerful features, however users can still continue to develop scripts using RC. It allows us to write…

Scenario based Selenium Interview Questions with Answers

A. Basic Level  – Selenium Interview Questions 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Selenium over other testing tools like QTP and RFT? The advantages of Selenium over QTP and RFT are: License: Selenium is open source, whereas HP’s QTP and IBM’s RFT are licensed software. Environment Support: Selenium…

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